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Enhancing Connectivity


WiFi 7 unleashes the full potential of the 6 GHz band to double the bandwidth of the last generation. Extending channel width to 320 MHz also enables many more simultaneous transmissions at the fastest possible speeds.

Double the Streams, Double the Capacity - 16 × 16 MU-MIMO

To meet the growing traffic demands generated by the increasing number of WiFi devices, APs have continued to increase the number of antennas and improve spatial multiplexing capabilities. WiFi 7 increases the number of spatial streams from 8 to 16. The theoretical physical transmission rate is thus doubled compared with WiFi 6. With WiFi 7's 16 streams, every device has enough bandwidth to run smoothly.

Packs 120% Data for Higher Speeds


To further enhance peak rates, WiFi 7 adopts a higher-order modulation scheme: 4096-QAM. This enables each symbol to carry 12 bits rather than 10 bits, which means 20% higher theoretical transmission rates than WiFi 6’s 1024-QAM. A higher transmission rate allows users to obtain higher transmission efficiency. Now you can watch flawless 4K/8K videos, play massive online games without lag, or live stream from your home computer. With 4096-QAM, streaming just got that much better

Makes Full Use of Every Resource


With WiFi 6, each user can only send or receive frames on an assigned resource unit (RU), which significantly limits the flexibility of the spectrum resource scheduling. To solve this problem and further enhance spectral efficiency, WiFi 7 allows multiple RUs to be assigned to a single user and can combine RUs for increased transmission efficiency.

No Waste, No Congestion

Preamble Puncturing

Before, busy channels meant bands could not be fully used. Data would only be sent through the primary channel. Now, with Preamble Puncturing, the interference can be blocked, opening up more channels to use.

Higher Speed, Lower Latency, More Reliable Multi-Link Operation

Traditional WiFi devices use a single link to transmit data. With Multi-Link Operation (MLO), WiFi 7 enables devices to simultaneously send and receive data across different frequency bands and channels to increase throughput, reduce latency, and improve reliability for emerging applications like VR/AR, online gaming, remote offices, and cloud computing.

A Real Upgrade for Businesses

Long login waits, out-of-sync virtual meetings, and congested internet environments all make getting the job done harder. For smoother and more reliable experiences, WiFi 7 is key.

Run a lag-free meeting across time zones with global partners and hash out ideas. Telecommute from home with WiFi 7, so you waste no time loading things from the cloud.

The higher efficiency of the next generation of WiFi will bring huge value to your business.


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