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CCTV System Deployement via Point-to Multipoint Wireless Connectivity

Updated: Jul 23, 2020


CCTV system serves mainly as a security force multiplier, providing surveillance for a larger area, more of the time, than would be feasible with security personnel alone. CCTV systems are often used to support comprehensive security systems by incorporating video coverage and security alarms for barriers, intrusion detection, and access control.

In Wireless communications, Point-to-Multipoint communication is communication which is accomplished via a distinct type of one-to-many connection, providing multiple paths from a single location to multiple locations. For P2MP, a central antenna or antenna array broadcasts to several receiving antennas and the system uses either Frequency Division Multiplexing or time-division multiplexing to allow for bidirectional traffic flow.

Aim and Scope

The MW Company requires CCTV Systems for their on-going construction site located at BGC, that is capable to provide surveillance used for protection of people, assets, and day to day update progress on their construction. Magnum Computerware was assigned to deploy a CCTV System that will comply to their standard. The main requirements of MW Company are to have a live feed video of their Construction Site that can be used to present during their Management Committee meeting regarding the progress of their project. Magnum Computerware were commissioned to install 2 PTZ Camera with 20x Zoom Capability and install them on the top of their Project Site Tower Cranes.

Typically, a PTZ camera can be turned and tilted on two axes to provide pan and tilt capabilities and the focal length of the lens can be varied to change the FOV. This enables PTZ cameras to offer more flexibility for viewing and capturing images in real time than fixed cameras. PTZ cameras can be operated manually or in an automatic scan mode, thus capturing the most relevant video possible

MW CCTV Network Topology

Actual Network Diagram

Magnum Computerware installed 2 units IP PTZ Camera at the top of Construction Tower Cranes. The Top of the tower cranes is the ideal mounting locations for the cameras in terms of heights and coverage advantage. Wisnetwork Point to Multi point was used to serve as the backbone connectivity from the camera going to the NVR located at secure location within the site project. Mounting of PTZ camera on a tower crane was the challenging and risky part of the installation, hence Magnum Engineers completed MW Company Safety seminar first before anything else

During Installation Photos

Magnum Engineer preparing safety harness for heights

Before proceeding to the Installation, Magnum Computerware Engineer's under go to the series of Safety Training Seminars conduct by MW Safety Officer, to ensure the protection against possible danger, failure

or injury.

Actual Tower Crane
Preparing the Camera Mounting bracket

Mounting of the PTZ camera
Point to Multipoint IP wireless Radio

Actual Live View of CCTV


Security cameras for Construction sites are not only provide unparalleled security against crime, theft but also increased safety of their employees. Having CCTV on Construction site will save a company money and ensure the success of a project.


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Jan 13, 2022

I am using these security cameras in my own office and these are providing great security and surveillance. I am now looking to install two in my home also by contacting a locksmith.


Dec 31, 2021

These systems are best to deter every activity not at constructions sites but in offices and homes also. It is helpful in improving the security by serving as a surveillance system. Locksmith Milwaukee experts while installing security alarms installed these surveillance systems in my office also.

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