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Acronis Cyber Protect

Modernize your cybersecurity and backup with integrated cyber protection

Selling backup? Upsell to Acronis Cyber Protect

More than backup: The most secure, easy and reliable backup solution

​Proactive Protection

Active Protection

Reactive Protection

  • ​Vulnerability assessment and patch management to avoid downtime and maintenance

  • Malware removal from backups

  • Prevention of reoccurring infections (patch on recovery)

  • Prevention of backup deletion (immutable backups)

  • ​Continues data protection (CDP) to avoid any data loss

  • Active protection against ransomware and other malware to avoid downtime

  • Self-defense for the agent and backup storage

  • ​Integrated disaster recovery capability

  • Instant recovery: no data loss, near zero RTO & RPO

  • Metadata storage for forensics and investigation of incidents

Selling security? Move to Acronis Cyber Protect

Unique capabilities deliver the most complete cyber protection solution




  • ​Protection for collaboration applications - Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams

  • AI-based hard-drive failure prediction

  • Integrated, secure file sync and share solution for collaboration

  • ​AI-based injection detection

  • Entropy analysis against advanced ransomware

  • Rootkit detection by scanning cold backup data

  • Aggressive heuristics enabled by allow lists created from backups

  • ​Antivirus scans in backups, decreasing the load on protected devices

  • Reduced downtime with fail-safe patch management

  • Allowlistings applications by scanning backups

Best-in-breed backup combined with integrated security and management

ADD Advanced packs: Security, Management, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Email Security, File Sync and Share

Lower risk for your clients

Innovative data protection scenarios:

Flexible storage options

Meet data sovereignty or cost requirements

Benefits of Acronis Cyber Protection

Fastest return to productivity: autonomous, integrated and modular cyber protection


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